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Initial Appointment: 3 hrs 30 min | $595
6-8 Week Touch-Up: 2 hr | $90

Nano Machine Hair Strokes, or Nano Brows for short, is the evolutionary treatment of microblading that offers longer-lasting color retention and an even more natural-looking appearance. 

Nano Brows require a very precise permanent makeup machine, which creates hair-like strokes through the brows, similar to microblading. Although some refer to Nano Brows as “Nano Blading,” the Nano Machine does not use a blade to penetrate the skin.

The Nano Machine creates strokes that apply the pigment to the skin without cutting into it. As a result, the Nano Machine strokes are able to insert a small amount of pigment into each hair stroke, creating effects that will age gracefully.

These appointments may require a perfecting touch-up after 6-8 weeks to ensure the skin is healed with the perfect shape and color. The touch-up appointment also helps to lock in the pigment so that your new brows will last!

To learn more about Nano Brows, click here.

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