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Microblading Healing Process

Updated: May 31, 2022

Since microblading is a form of cosmetic tattooing, it’s important to know that there is a healing process following your appointment. But don’t stress, it’s nothing a little patience and careful cleaning can’t handle.

So, if you’re thinking about taking the leap into the world of beautiful brows, fear not. I’m here to give you the scoop on the microblading healing process.

Microblading Prep

You can’t go into the details of the microblading healing process without touching on some prep. It’s recommended to wash your hair the day of your appointment (or the night before) to help prolong the amount of time you can go again before washing.

After all, while you are caring for your healing brows, you’ll need to do your best to keep them dry. Washing your hair will be one of the more challenging tasks through your healing process.

Healing Process

Following your microblading appointment, you can anticipate the healing process lasting 10 days. During this time, you must keep your brows completely dry aside from cleaning (detailed below).

Cleaning Your Brows

Also included in your take-home care kit will be a special cleanser to wash your brows morning and night while they are healing - this is the only time you can get them wet.

After you cleanse your brows, apply a rice grain size of healing ointment that is also provided. You’ll continue this process until your brows are completely healed.

Keeping Your Brows Dry

At Brows by Nat, you will be provided with a take-home care kit that includes face shields to help keep your brows dry in the shower.

As previously mentioned, you will need to take special care anytime you shower or wash your face to keep your brows dry. Try to go as long as possible between hair wash days and wash your face with a washcloth at the sink rather than in the shower to avoid the brow area carefully.

Working out

Sweating around your brow area can prolong your healing process. It is recommended to wait 7-10 days after your appointment before working out again. Your sweat is full of salt and minerals which can push out the fresh pigment in your brows, affecting the healed result. Protect your investment, it is worth the wait!

Brow Care Tips

In addition to the healing process details listed above, during the 10 days of healing, here are a few more brow care tips to follow:

  • Stay out of the sun

  • Avoid sweating

  • Sleep on your back

As your brows are healing, you will likely go through a phase of itchiness and flaking. Make sure you avoid picking or scratching at your brows, no matter how itchy they get!

In the end, how you take care of your brows has a major impact on the final result of your microblading investment. The better you are about caring for them during this process means better and longer lasting healed results.

Brows by Nat

Brows by Nat is my studio located in Old Town Scottsdale, Arizona. I own and operate my studio, specializing in all things brows, including Microblading, Lamination, Brow Shaping, Tinting, and even Lash Lifts.

As a Brow Artist, I aspire to create the extra boost of confidence that you may need to leave the house without spending endless time drawing in your brows and clamping your lashes. Brows by Nat aims to enhance your natural beauty so you can look and feel like your best self always.

After all, the most valuable asset in life is your time. Investing in your brows and lashes not only saves you countless frustrating hours a week but also helps to improve your confidence tremendously!

Get a Quote

If you’re ready for microblading or any other brow improvement services, it’s time for us to chat. You can book your appointment here, go online to get a quote, give me a call at 813-943-1279, or email me at

I look forward to working with you on your bold new brow adventure!

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